Packing With Toddlers Under Foot? 4 Tips To Make The Process Easier

If you're getting ready to move, and you've got toddlers in the house, you've got your work cut out for you. Not only will you be getting your house packed up, you'll also be busy wrangling the little ones. Don't give up. The four tips provided below will help you make quick work of the packing – even with little ones in the house.

Enlist the Older Siblings

If you've got little kids, packing your house for a move takes on a whole new level of chaos. That's where the older siblings come in. If you've got older siblings, put them in charge of watching the little ones. This is particularly important while you're packing the bedrooms. Little ones don't always understand when they see their favorite toys being packed into boxes. While you're packing up the house, set up a miniature home theater and set your kids down with a movie. Put your older kids in charge of monitoring the movie and restocking the snacks.

Give Them Assignments

Another easy way to keep the kids busy while you're packing is to provide them with their own assignments. Even toddlers can be put in charge of a packing detail. Give them each a box and put them to work packing their own belongings. Little ones can work right beside you packing their clothes, or toys. You can also have them decorate the outside of their packing boxes so that they can identify their own property once you arrive at your new home.

Bring in Some Help

If you don't have older siblings to assist, or even the oldest siblings are still too young to provide much assistance, it's time to bring in some outside help. Enlist friends and family to come in and help you pack up your home. Better yet, enlist them to take your little one off your hands for a few hours so that you can take care of the packing.

Leave it to the Professionals

If packing has you stressed out, eliminate the stress. Instead of packing the house by yourself, talk to your moving company about adding a packing service to your contract. They'll come in and pack up the entire house for you. They'll even provide the packing supplies – including boxes, packing tape and furniture pads. Once your house is packed up, the moving company will load everything up into the truck and transport it to your new home. Find out more here.