Reasons To Keep A Valuable Collection In Your Storage Unit Instead Of At Home

Some collections are designed to be looked at and used regularly, but others are typically put into boxes and kept on the shelves of your cupboard. If you've an avid collector whose collection falls into the latter category, it's worthwhile to give some thought to not just how you store it, but also where. Whether you collect comics, baseball cards, stamps, dolls, or something similar, you may like the idea of transporting this collection to a rented unit at your local self-storage facility. There are a number of reasons to make this move, including the following.

It's Less At Risk Of Theft

When you store a valuable collection at home, you might constantly be worrying about it being stolen. For example, if someone were to break into your home while you're away on vacation, he or she could clear out the collection in short order. Your home is more vulnerable to theft than a storage unit, given that the former has a wide range of access points. Conversely, a storage unit just has one way to enter, and it's a solid door that is protected by a solid lock. Additionally, many storage facilities have a variety of methods to keep the premises secure, which can give you a high peace of mind.

You Can Control The Climate More Easily

Some collections need to be kept at certain temperature and humidity levels or they risk developing mold. Comic books, for example, may become spotted with mold if they're stored in an environment that is too humid. Keeping the temperature and especially the humidity steady in your home can be a challenge. For example, you may have to run a humidifier in the winter and a dehumidifier in the summer to maintain the ideal humidity level for your collection. At a storage unit, these elements can be set and controlled with no fuss.

It May Save You Money

If your collection has an extremely high value, you've likely increased your home insurance coverage. This change is likely costing you a significant amount of money per year. Additionally, you may have even added security measures, such as a security system and cameras, to your home. Relocating your collection to a storage facility like may allow you to save money, as you could adjust your home insurance to pay a lower premium and perhaps change your security plan to lower its rate, too.