Precautions To Take Before Moving Your Items To A Storage Unit

If you want to store your goods safely in a self-storage unit, don't think you are home and dry simply because you have identified the best storage facility in your location. You still need to take your belongings to the storage unit – a task that is not as simple as it looks. These precautions will ensure that this step of the project goes well:

Hire the Right Truck

Before driving your items to the storage facility, confirm that the truck you will be using will reach the actual place where you need to unload the goods. You shouldn't unload your belongings so far from the unit that you have to spend extra resources to get them there. This means you should confirm that the width and height of the truck all fit the access road to your storage unit. Otherwise, rent a suitable truck or get a professional moving company to handle the job on your behalf.

Ensure You Have Adequate Storage

There is nothing as bad as arriving at a storage facility with your items in a truck only to realize that the unit you reserved is not enough. What do you do in such a case? Do you go back with some of the items, leave them for some time outside (it might be illegal) or hire another unit (what if they are all booked?)? As you can see, reserving a unit that can't handle all your items is a costly mistake, especially if you get your items there before realizing your mistake.

Know How You Will Make the Delivery

Even if you can get your items as close to the unit as possible, you still have to unload them outside. This means you must have a way of taking them inside the unit and arranging them properly. This isn't a problem if you only have a few boxes, but it is a real headache if you have a few items to fill a standard storage unit. Possible solutions include having some helpers to wait for you at the storage facility or hiring a moving company to do everything for you.

Choose a Not-So-Busy Day

Lastly, choose a quiet day to handle the transportation, especially if you have lots of items or big items and will be using a big truck. Apart from the issue of traffic, you also want to arrive at the storage facility when it is quiet enough so that you can maneuver the truck and unload it without too much pressure.

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