Prepare To Move Your Possessions Into Storage

After you have secured a rental storage unit, you need to decide the manner in which you will transport the items that will be placed inside the rented space. Each of the options below will provide you with a viable way to transport your possessions and stow them away in your storage unit.

Your Vehicle And Support Aids

The first option is to load your vehicle and make multiple trips to and from the storage facility. If you are going to be transporting a lot of items, you may want to consider using your vehicle to tow a flatbed or trailer that contains your possessions. This option will require you to carefully load all of your items, to prevent them from becoming damaged while they are in transit. Labeling cartons and packing the containers in a single layer will keep your possessions organized and damage-free.

A dolly or a hand truck can be used to transport the items directly into your storage space. If you have rented a storage facility that is located on an upper level, it is important to have a dolly or a hand truck at your disposal. The use of either item will prevent you from needing to lift heavy cartons as you are walking up the stairs of a storage facility.

A Rental Vehicle

If your vehicle isn't equipped to haul your items to the storage facility, renting a vehicle may be your next best option. A delivery rental business may feature many large vehicles that can be reserved on a daily basis.

Calculating how many trips you will need to make to and from the storage facility will help you determine how much money your rental vehicle will cost you. A rental business may charge by the mile. They may also feature a flat rate, but require you to pay for any fuel that the vehicle will need while it is in your possession.

Onsite Services

Some full-service storage facilities offer some services that their customers can take advantage of. A full-service facility may provide a vehicle that a customer can rent out. If so, this type of vehicle can be used to load and transport all of the items that you are placing in storage.

A facility may also feature an unloading service or a loading service. An unloading service will involve an employee of the facility assisting you with unloading your possessions from the vehicle. A loading service will involve an employee of the facility assisting you with placing your possessions inside of your storage unit.

Contact a storage unit facility for more info.